Additional Services


Care Navigator

A care navigator will meet with clients on a regular basis to assess their needs and recommend services. They work closely with friends, family and caregivers to establish goals and develop or adjust a care plan as needed. They help individuals navigate the complicated healthcare system and assure their medical needs are being met.

Agent Under A Power of Attorney-Finance

A durable power of attorney if for those unable or willing to handle important financial matters like paying bills or managing investments and is a planning tool for the future. A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone you choose the power to act in your place. Having a “durable” power of attorney means that the document stays in effect if you become incapacitated. The person you choose becomes the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.”

Agent Under A Power of Attorney-Health Care

A medical power of attorney is a document that details a person’s wish for health care. The agent will oversee medical care and make health care decisions on their behalf. They will work with doctors and other health care providers to make sure you get the kind of medical care you want to receive. When handling the patient’s care, the agent is legally bound to follow the treatment preferences as stated.

Representative Payee

A representative payee is also known as a substitute payee who receives Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income for individuals that are not totally capable of managing their own benefits. A payee’s main duties are to use the benefits to pay for the present and future needs of the beneficiary and properly save any benefits not needed. The representative payee must also keep accurate and detailed financial records.

Court Accounting

Vonder Haar Fiduciary can provide court accountings for conservatorships, guardianships, estates and trusts. Our services include the preparation and maintenance of the financial statements needed for court accountings.

Tammy Vonder Haar

Tammy Vonder Haar

Licensed Fiduciary

Tammy Vonder Haar started Vonder Haar Fiduciary after years of providing personal bookkeeping and financial organization services to family and friends. The business was founded on the principles that each client’s situation is unique and should be handled professionally, honestly, and compassionately.

Tammy has a degree in accounting and over 25 years of business management, administration, accounting and human resource experience. She is an active member of her community and has served on many boards and committees.