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When you pass away, your estate goes through a process called probate or estate administration. This is the process by which your assets are evaluated, managed, and eventually distributed. While in some cases probate is not necessary if you’ve established a living trust, working with a professional probate estate administrator has several advantages.

As a completely neutral third party, we are impartial and dedicated solely to ensuring the assets in your estate are distributed according to your wishes. We’re also already familiar with the legal process and requirements, which can save family time, effort, and the cost of hiring their own attorney.

If you require help with the administration of your estate, we’re here for you. Our estate administration services include:

  • Filing your will in court and notifying interested parties that the estate is under probate
  • Settling creditor claims against your estate
  • Preparing interim and final accountings for family and court
  • Filing prepared tax returns and paying outstanding taxes
  • Distributing assets and closing your estate

If you have additional concerns or obligations regarding the administration of your estate, we can discuss your needs and find the best way to help.

What is an estate administrator?
An estate administrator is someone (often a licensed fiduciary) who has been given the power to act for another person or entity. The administrator takes care of estate assets for the benefit of the estate’s beneficiaries.
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