Fee Schedule

This fee schedule is subject to change with reasonable and required notice.


Trust Administration

[$125 per Hour]

Inventory and appraisement of assets, marshaling assets, real estate transactions, annual accounting services, investment performance review, client visits, site and property visits, account reconciliations, court appearances, meeting with third-party agencies, and corresponding with interested parties.


Trust Fee by Percentage

[1% per Year]

High valued or complex trust fees are calculated at 1% of the gross value of assets under management upon Successor Trustee designation.


Care Manager

[$125 per Hour]

Medical care coordination, attendance to medical appointment, housing, and benefit procurement and management.


Agency Agreement

[$125 per Hour]

Acting as agent under Power of Attorney for Finance or Healthcare.


Money Management

[$85 per Hour]

Home or in office money managements services, client file maintenance, administrative phone inquiries, receipts, review and payments of bills, client banking transactions, simple accounting preparations, processing incoming and outgoing mail, document scanning, fax transmissions, and photo copying.


Probate Estate Administration

Fees payable to the Professional Fiduciary as the Personal Representative for customary services are authorized under Probate Code §10800 and, pursuant to Probate Code §10800 are computed on a fee base comprised of gross assets, plus receipts and gains, less losses, as follows:

  • 4% of the first $100,000
  • 3% of the next $100,000
  • 2% of the next $800,000
  • 1% of the next $9 Million
  • 0.5% of the next $15 Million
  • Court Discretion after $25 Million


Additional Expenses

Costs that are not part of the standard administrative charge are payable separately. They include but are not limited to, court fees, photocopy services, in-house copies of 25 copies or more per print job at $.15 per copy, notary fees, and bridge tolls. Attorneys, CPA‘s or other third-party fees are billed separately and are the client’s responsibility. A 24-hour notice must be given for appointment cancellations or may be subject to travel time fees. Travel time may be billed at the hourly rate to and from your destination and as they relate to these services.


General Note

The services listed above are not inclusive of all tasks that may be required for complete case management. They are only a sampling of the general responsibilities involved in the administration of a case.



Invoices will be billed monthly and are due upon receipt. The tasks are billed incrementally at tenths of the hour and reflect actual time spent.

Tammy Vonder Haar

Tammy Vonder Haar

Licensed Fiduciary

Tammy Vonder Haar started Vonder Haar Fiduciary after years of providing personal bookkeeping and financial organization services to family and friends. The business was founded on the principles that each client’s situation is unique and should be handled professionally, honestly, and compassionately.

Tammy has a degree in accounting and over 25 years of business management, administration, accounting and human resource experience. She is an active member of her community and has served on many boards and committees.