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Sonoma County Trust Administration Services

As your designated trust administrator, our sole concern is to faithfully execute the terms of your trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. This includes locating, documenting, and protecting all your assets. We will also collect income, pay debts and taxes, and make asset distributions.

Additional obligations we can fulfill as your designated trust administrator include:

  • Distributing income and principal according to trust documents
  • Securing and supervising financial, business, and property investments
  • Managing the repair and maintenance of trust property
  • Arranging for appraisal and sale of individual assets when appropriate
  • Overseeing the tax strategy and reporting for investments and distributions
  • Preparing interim and final trust accounting

When required, we work with your attorney(s) to ensure all legal documents and preparation are complete and in good order.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that when you or your loved ones are no longer able or willing to handle personal affairs, the demand on you and your family can be overwhelming.

As a third party, Vonder Haar Fiduciary can bridge the gap to help simplify life and reduce the stress of managing assets or health care for those in need. We are advocates for our clients and act as intermediaries when working with family, health care providers, financial planners and attorneys.

As private professional fiduciaries, we are dedicated to those we serve. We establish a trusted partnership with all parties involved that is based on experience, integrity and compassion. We handle personal information with a high level of confidentiality and security.

Our clients can be assured that we will manage and protect their personal affairs, property, or assets with their best interest and desired quality of life in mind.

What is a trust administrator?
A trust administrator is someone (often a licensed fiduciary) who has been given the power to act for another person or entity. The administrator takes care of trust assets for the benefit of the trust’s beneficiaries.
Tammy has the skill to be friendly and accommodating with seniors while still taking care of all their business quickly during her appointments. I highly recommend Tammy to anyone needing assistance.

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We are a California licensed fiduciary providing services in and around Sonoma County.

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