Probate Conservatorship

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Sonoma County Probate Conservatorship

Here at Vonder Haar Fiduciary, we take our role as conservators very seriously. We perform tasks that otherwise might need to be delegated to an attorney at a greater expense, and our familiarity with available community resources ensures that we are able to enhance a loved one’s quality of life.

If a loved one is unable to manage his or her own financial resources, or is unable to resist fraud and undue influence, we can assume responsibility for the protection and use of their assets. Our duties as conservators include:

  • Providing food, clothing and shelter
  • Supervising medical needs
  • Consenting to medical treatment
  • Handling emergencies or arranging for a responsible agent to do so
  • Managing financial assets
  • Participating in legal and financial matters

We also assume responsibility for all decisions regarding the general health and welfare of the conservatee.

Estate Conservatorship

In addition to assuming legal responsibility for the well-being of an individual, we can also assume legal responsibility for their estate. As estate conservators, our duties include:

  • Taking inventory of and collecting assets
  • Collecting income, and verifying and paying obligations
  • Holding, securing, and investing estate assets
  • Filing prepared tax returns

We work diligently to ensure that all aspects of the conservatee’s estate are protected and that no unauthorized third parties have access or influence on the use or distribution of funds.

What is a conservator?
A conservator is a manager appointed by the court to protect and care for the financial and/or personal affairs of individuals deemed by the court to be physically or mentally incapacitated.
I brought Tammy in to work with my elderly mother when she needed help. Tammy has met and exceeded all my expectations. Tammy is professional, trustworthy, responsive, and easy to work with.

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